Cartridges loading
Technological operations of automatic loading of cartridges are carried out on the Vasini loading machibes. The process of equipment, loading and geometry of components are continuously monitored by electronic sensors. Automation allows eliminating the influence of the "human factor" and producing high-quality products with stable ballistic characteristics.

Quality control
Cartridge parameters are controlled with the help of Swiss-Italian computerized measuring systems "Stas".
Before loading a particular cartridge into a batch, all its components are carefully selected. Several cartridges are pre-loaded by hand with various weights of powder according to the recommendations of the powder manufacturer and our own experience.

Cartridges are tested on a measuring complex and a specialist technologist, analyzing the results, selects cartridges that have optimal parameters. In case of unsatisfactory results, this procedure is repeated.
Then the loading machine is adjusted: powder, shot, wad dispensers, components control sensors, the height of the cartridge is selected. After a trial run of the line, the first cartridges are withdrawn and they are re-tested on the measuring complex.
If the results are positive, a decision is made to start the loading machine. If unsatisfactory results are obtained, the necessary adjustments are made again and the test procedure is repeated.

In the process of batch production, at the beginning of each shift, current control tests are carried out, and after the manufacture of 2500-3000 cartridges, a control weighing of the powder and shot sample and, periodically, checks the compliance of loaded cartridges with control samples.
When the batch is closed, acceptance tests are carried out at control and test stations (CTS).
Lead shot

Buckshot and shot (No. 3 and larger) are produced on the Italian equipment Ramba.
The content of antimony in lead, maintained within the range of 2.5 - 3%, gives hardness from 13 kgf / mm2.

High hardness reduces the deformation of the shot in the barrel when fired, which ensures and retains the lethal force and accuracy of the shot charge for a longer time. After the running, polishing and sorting operations, the shot takes on the correct spherical shape and a shiny surface. Well-polished shot reduces the harmful effects of lead on the bore.


Shot No. 10; 9; 8; 7.5; 7; 6; 5; 4 is manufactured on high-performance lines of the German company Collin. Control of the chemical composition of the lead alloy, starting from the stage of acceptance of raw materials, is provided by a modern emission spectrometer, which guarantees consistently high product quality.

Ideal geometry in combination with high hardness of the shot allows to obtain stable external ballistic characteristics of the shot, namely: the flight speed of the shot shell, the accuracy of at least 80%, the uniformity of the scree and good sharpness.
Production in Tula - production of more than 10 types of wads containers of 12 gauge.

Produced wads, depending on the height of the shock-absorbing part and the size of the container, make it possible to load cartridges with a wide range of shot weights.

The use of wad containers allows, in addition to increasing the accuracy and range of the shot, to a large extent save the shot shell from abrasion on the bore and reduce its deformation when exposed to high pressure at the time of the shot, thereby improving the uniformity of the shot scree and reducing speed losses.

To obtain a wide shot scree at short distances from 10 to 25 meters, "BIO" type wads are produced - containerless and "Dispersant" - wads with dividing walls in height.
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