GRAND PATRON - world-class Russian cartridges
The decision to establish Cartridge Manufactory LTD was made in 2003 in order to develop the Russian shooting sport, as well as to meet the growing needs of the Russian market in cartridges for smoothbore weapons.
The production of cartridges was organized on the basis of JSC "Tula AmmoPlant".

One of the oldest Italian companies "Baschieri & Pellagri" was chosen as a partner, whose experience in the production of sports and hunting ammunition for smoothbore weapons formed the basis for the work of Cartridge Manufactory LTD.

The first serious application for success was made already in July 2004 at the World Championship in sporting, held for the first time in Russia on the territory of the sports complex "Fox Lodge" (Moscow), where the national teams of England, Italy and Spain, who took 1, 2, respectively and 3 prize-winning places, fired cartridges of LTD "Cartridge Manufactory" brand "Glavpatron".

Since then, cartridges have repeatedly confirmed their excellent quality. Leading athletes of Russia in clay shooting and sporting regularly win prizes in Russian and international competitions using our cartridges.

Since 2020, Cartridge Manufactory LTD has begun manufacturing products under the new GRAND PATRON trademark.

At present, the rapidly developing production actively adopts the experience of foreign and Russian colleagues, develops its own, and relies on the recommendations of leading Russian sportsmen and hunters.

All products of Cartridge Manufactory LTD have certificates of conformity with the GOST R Certification System of GOSSTANDART of Russia.

Cartridge Manufactory LTD has license No. 13048-PP dated August 13, 2014.
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